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Current mission:

*****Operation Gideon*****

Operation Gideon: In the last month, Israel has come under intense terrorist attack from Hamas, in Gaza and the West Bank. The Israel Aid Mission team will be deploying 12 rescue workers to Israel to help save the lives of innocent Israeli victims. We work closely with the military and local rescue organizations. In our 2011 mission, we arrived at the site of rocket attacks an average of 4 minutes before the military or other paramedical organizations. We are agile and flexible, and we saved lives! We are asking all of our supporters to please consider contributing to this critically important mission by visiting our donation page.



Super Typhoon Haiyan: In response to a Category 5 typhoon, which struck the Philippines on November 8th, 2013, the IAM sent a team of 14 rescuers for a 21-day medical mission to the devastated Tacloban region. VIDEO










Operation Michayel: In November 2012, during the last Gaza war, Israel Aid Mission deployed a search and rescue team to Southern Israel to treat victims of rocket attacks. One man was saved from cardiac arrest and hundreds of civilians were evacuated from danger and treated for shock. VIDEO

Kiryat Malachi, Israel

Comforting resident of Kiryat Malachi, Israel, during rocket strike from Gaza, November 2012









Operation Haiti: In January 2010, when a massive earthquake rocked the island of Haiti, IAM Director David Ben David led a group of 10 volunteers for a four-week mission to administer first aid and distribute food supplies throughout the slums of Port au Prince. 400 souls were saved from death and 10,000 starving refugees were fed. VIDEO

The Israel Aid Mission provided Haitians with medical relief following the 7.0-magnitude earthquake, JAN 2010